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About Step2Gold

Our company, Step2Gold, is established in Taiwan, and aims to provide innovative products to enrich our lives. We work on innovative products and outstanding designs, with an ultimate goal of enriching human lives.

We use the word, Gold, in our company name to praise the golden stage of our lifetime. To senior citizens, their lives reach the golden time, with their experiences and wisdom gained from the past tens of years, so that they live in a more wise and joyful way. However, contrary to the spiritual maturity, most senior citizens are faced with the same problem of disappointedly-declining health conditions.

With the expectation of assisting senior citizens to have a comfortable life, we provide our first product, Ta-Da® Chair, in 2016. In a long term, we sincerely hope to provide more innovative products to extend the golden time of everyone's life.

About our brand " Ta-Da® "

Have you ever had been in the following situations? You turn down all invitations, because your feet are so weary that you cannot take a long walk. Or, you want to reach mountain tops to admire magnificent views, but your tired body cannot move forward and turn back disappointedly on the half way. Or, you arrive the shops to buy the latest products, but there are already tens of people waiting in the line, and you cannot stand more than five minutes after a long day.

At these moments, you wish you had an amazing thing to help you cross those obstacles, just like a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat and saying "Ta-Da". We wish to help you and provide our Ta-Da® Chair to answer your needs.

Ta-Da® Chair made the first debut in 2013 in the exhibitions of Inventions Geneva and the Concours Lépine. Just like the name says, Ta-Da® Chair showed the breakthrough designs that they could transform from a walking stick to a chair in a blink and were weighed on the border of 900g, catching everyone's eyes. These impressive multifunction chairs received high praises and won gold medals.

About Ta-Da® Chair

Our company founder, Mr. Pao Chi-Ting, felt sad to see his mother confine her life to the neighborhood, because her weary feet could not bear long walks. She turned down many chances of visiting beautiful countryside and mountain parks, and felt frustrated, too. Mr. Pao wanted to buy a practical walking stick, but nothing in the market could meet his requirement. Then, he came up with a brand new idea and started sketching the blueprint of his ideal stick, which was the prototype of Ta-Da® Chair. 

At first, the Ta-Da® Chair were designed for senior citizens, allowing them to take a rest while walking a long distance. But after the first debut, many people showed high interests and replied with more possible usage. It seemed that Ta-Da® Chair met requirements from people who walked and needed a rest at any places and any time. Therefore, we considered introducing this product to other family members, not limited to senior citizens.

Although Ta-Da® Chair impressed everyone and showed a great potential, with two golden medals from well-known exhibitions, they didn't hit the market immediately; we decided to step back and lay more stress on the issue of product safety. After three-years of product reviews, Ta-Da® Chair past many restrict reliability tests and received many patents. Now, in 2016, Ta-Da® Chair are ready on the market!